Versadrones’ 2D mapping solution allows mapping large and small areas easily, from 500 square metres up 500 square kilometers in the same dataset, thanks to airborne photos and Pix4D software.

Previous solutions for mapping would have required days or weeks to mosaic, correct artifacts and georectify the imagery. With Versadrones, the entire workflow process is simplified, allowing you to access cartographical output efficiently and quickly. In the words of one customer, previous solutions for this type of work would have required days or weeks to mosaic, correct artifacts and geo-rectify the imagery. The final product would not have been as accurate as the Pix4D solution and would have required substantially more work and time.

Pix4D software offers numerous advantages, including significantly increased efficiency, allowing for large projects to be delivered within a few days of acquisition. Without this technology, this is not possible within this time period. Additional corrections in the Mosaic Editor will enhance minor artifacts when necessary.

Here is how you save money. You go on-site, deploy in minutes and gather data for the whole site within a short time. Processing can take place immediately, and full output data is available the same day. You save time and expensive resources, and you get more data, more accurate data, and you get it much faster than by using a ground survey alone.

Whether it is for a mapping project or to detail positioning of a walkway, the Versadrones solution is breath-taking in its simplicity. You simply overfly the zone of interest using the route planner software supplied, you let the autonomous controller take care of everything regarding taking off, flying and landing, and then transfer the image data to the workstation. The 2D workflow will provide you with a 2D othomosaic within a short timeframe, and allow creation of shaded and highlighted maps providing accurate distances, surface areas and ratios, and correlation to Ground Control Points or known GPS. The time taken to acquire data for the site of a building, or for a larger area up to 20 or 30 hectares, is less than an hour. Processing time varies according to the amount of data to process, but 2D Orthomosaic data is usually available for presentation and use within a few hours.

Call us to discuss your needs, we will be happy to show you how you, too, can reduce your 3D survey costs, at the same time as you improve your data quality and the ability to get data faster.