Stabilised 4K cinema airborne platform

When you shoot a movie, you don’t want the time that your crew, your cast, your producer and you yourself planned to go into the key aerial shoot to be wasted. What you want (and what your producer wants) is for the shot to be perfect, for it to match the storyboard entirely.

Versadrones can help you do this. We carry heavy cameras very high, very fast, and with absolutely no jitter. We cannot detect jitter on our own Red Epic. We can save your production lots of time, and lots of money too, by making that perfect shot perfect. We don’t make a lot of noise, so you probably won’t need a sound stage. We certainly don’t burn kerosene, so you won’t need to insure your set for added fire risk. We don’t fly manned helicopters, so you can be sure the downdraft won’t spoil the shot, and won’t mess up your stars’ hair either. And we can get into places you can’t reach, neither with a crane nor a helicopter!

So if you want a happy producer, and to save some money and time as well, give the kind folks at Versadrones a call, and they will be delighted to show you how they can help you make your film into a clean wrap with a happy end. We can’t guarantee you an Oscar though!