Site & Land Mapping

Measuring sites has been a priority since the beginning of history, and has led to all the forms of surveying we know today, since economy is dependent on the land it stands on. Today we need to have accurate mapping capacity, to be able to produce accurate data for surface area, for exact coordinates, for exact measurements between buildings, and to be able to create accurate cartographical representations based on orthomosaics of nadir photographical images.

With Versadrones, it becomes much easier to do than to describe. In less than a half hour, Versadrones systems can acquire the images to cover an entire farm, a village or a small town, a kilometre of motorway construction site, an entire river flood-plain. These images can be processed with ease into a set of cartography data for inclusion into a website, a paper map, or a dedicated management utility programme.

Maps can be generated accurately and simply, and can be used for determining surface of fields relative to circulation paths, areas planted relative to areas unplanted, areas under tarmac relative to areas built upon.

With Versadrones, you can save money and avoid rework by creating your maps from fresh data acquired right now rather than by using data from three or more years ago. You can save money and time by creating maps using a proven simplified rapid workflow. You can save money by creating maps that include the relevant data for your clients.

Farmers, you can save money by creating maps that help you optimise your use of farmland, and by minimising land used for circulation rather than crops or pasture.

Real-estate agents, you can save money by taking the most effective of high-impact photos for your properties, photos that can are available instantly to allow you to connect with potential clients immediately.

Road planners, city planners, councils, you can save money by deploying resources for road junction enhancements and normalisations more effectively, resources for water adduction, for transit and paths. You can make scarce resources go farther, and improve the lives of all citizens.

Call Versadrones to discuss your needs, we would be delighted to show you how you, too, can optimise your mapping solutions.