Search and rescue

Searching for a missing person has never been easy, but today Versadrones systems help remove some of the difficulties. Thanks to the easy deployment, directly from an emergency vehicle, Civil Defence and Police officers can instantly scan areas that would other wise take many hours and many persons to cover, an operation which in itself would put other people at risk too.

With Versadrones, searches can be carried out over pre-planned flight paths for areas frequently used by walkers, taking into account points of shelter that missing persons might have taken advantage of. Searches can be carried out at night-time over pre-mapped paths, and detection of warm bodies even in adverse conditions such as night-time or thick fog remains possible during the critical first hours.

Persons surviving on cliff-faces can be detected and succoured, persons adrift can be detected through thermal imaging, and rescue teams can be guided towards them.

Versadrones allows single-person operation, and so helps search teams cover wider areas more effectively, providing better chances to those depending on emergency services, and helping scarce resources go farther. With Versadrones, search and rescue services can achieve successful outcomes far more quickly, with less risk to rescue personnel, and at less cost.