Precision Agriculture and forestry

Versadrones NDVI photography can identify the plants that are doing well and those that are doing badly, thanks to the variances between their relative reflectivity in the infra-red and blue and green spectra. Plants that are failing due to infection, to lack of water, to parasites or to ingestion of undesired chemical products are seen in a different colour, on NDVI-corrected images. Knowing which individual plants are doing well or doing badly permits a farmer to optimise resources, by remedying only those areas that really do need attention. NDVI and thermal images can also be used to identify the exact moment fruit begins to ripen, and thus take the guesswork out of choosing picking-time. Similarly, NDVI and thermal images can be used for accurately determining the amount of water present in soil, and so to optimise the additional irrigation required.

Areas of land compressed due to vehicle movement, e.g. turning areas, typically will show a far lesser growth rate than areas not used for vehicle ingress or maneuvres, however these areas are often invisible from the ground.

Rates of growth of forests can be seen easily, and the NDVI calibration of the leaf canopy allows accurate determination of growth rates, permitting precise planning of future cuttings.

Using Versadrones to help manage your plants’ growth will help your exploitation grow, and will help your profits grow.

Versadrones allows you to save time (and a great deal of tractor fuel) by removing the need to work on all areas of a field, since you can determine the areas needing attention. As well as saving time and fuel, you also save money by only spreading prophylactics where they are needed, by only spreading fertiliser where it is needed, and by irrigating only where it is needed. This can also help you make sure your usage of chemicals remains below the thresholds for Organic production, and can help maintain higher sale prices for your produce.

Similarly, areas producing crops can be accurately determined, allowing precise planning and investment for future years. Don’t let chance decide for you, make your agriculture precise too.

For livestock management, Versadrones systems can help you identify where animals are located at a given time on large properties, and can help you identify which areas of pasture are ready for feeding, which areas have been fully fed upon.

Call Versadrones to discuss how you, too, can save money and time, and make your resources go farther. We will be delighted to help you identify your needs, and add precision management to your culture.