Police Evidence capture & reporting

In situations such as major traffic accidents where it is important to take care of the injured, but where the scale of damage and loss is clearly going to require extensive detective work to identify causes and events, Versadrones 3D recording permits immediate evidence capture during an easily-made overflight under fully autonomous system control, without hindering medical extractions or fire crews while they carry out their duties and tasks, saving lives and making roads safe to use once again.

Similarly, evidence can be gathered almost immediately, where it is impossible to move injured persons, or where, if left for any additional time, it might occur to somebody to tamper with evidence, moving things to different places, or removing convicting elements altogether.

3D evidence gathered by Versadrones, in addition to the photographic evidence gathered, can be used for investigations or for legal proof of facts. Measurements and 3D renderings are approved by numerous jurisdictions world-wide, and have the same force of evidence as laser range measurements or as photographic evidence. This improves resolution rates for crimes, increases conviction rates, and improves quality of life for all citizens, whilst simultaneously allowing police officers and detectives to be more efficient in their work, spending less time gathering clear and indicative data and evidence, and allowing detective resources to work on other unresolved issues. It is an easy way to improve resolution rates, to reduce time spent gathering situational data in accidents (especially when objects and victims are to be found over a wide area hundreds of metres across) and to ensure nothing is missed during the first examinations of a scene.

Call Versadrones now to discuss your needs and we will be delighted to show you how you can optimise your costly resources, and have them spend less time picking up and matching pieces of headlamps, and more time preventing and pursuing criminals. We can help with that, too, thanks to our real-time surveillance and tracking systems – just let us know how we can help you.