Industrial Inspection & Monitoring

Versadrones systems permit regular, cost-effective and automated surveillance and monitoring of difficult-to-reach areas such as oil pipe-lines, drilling rigs, power lines and pylons, aircraft wings and all upper airfoils (in the hangar or on the tarmac).

Specialised applications include Network RFI measurement, useful for all telecommunications networks during roll-out, and for setting up micro-wave links. Field strengths can be monitored to ensure compliance with regulations, and for optimisation of transmission SNR. Drive testing is carried out using Versadrones UAVs specially equipped with RF receivers, and simultaneous recording of GPS coordinates and RF intensity are carried out.

Flight-paths can be automated, and all data can be recorded on each pass, allowing customers to improve quality levels over time through product improvements, and reduce repair costs by early detection.

This saves money, reduces down times, and decreases inefficiencies for customers.