Manned aircraft were, until recently, the only way to obtain good quality aerial video. With 2-axis or 3-axis stabilised brushless gimbals and vibration isolation, Versadrones systems can carry the latest digital video cameras to obtain high quality aerial video, as well as movie-quality cameras weighing 5kg and more, such as the famous Red Epic machines.

You can save time and money, since (1) we won’t make you mess up your shot with excessive downdraft, (2) we don’t need you to take out costly insurance for kerosene-fueled aircraft on your set, (3) we work in silence so you won’t need extra time on the sound stage, (4) you don’t need a crane, a plane or a manned helicopter! We can’t guarantee you an Oscar, but we certainly can help you get your aerial shots wrapped first time round, and make your budget go farther because you can get more shooting done in the time you have.