Emergency services

Versadrones’ systems are the perfect method to enable Emergency Services personnel to provide an even better service to the citizens they are looking after. Thanks to Versadrones quick deployment, instructions and even life-saving products can be brought to the site of an emergency, without being blocked by traffic, without being held up due to confusion on the ground.

Emergency Services coordinators can help direct ground teams better, understanding traffic blockages and alternative routes, thanks to Versadrones providing key visual data in real time.

Versadrones Overhead Thermal Detection allows Fire Departments to work more effectively, identifying heat sources even through thick smoke, before flames become visible on the outside, and this can provide valuable minutes of fire-fighting time which can save both lives and property.

We can work with you to provide systems that can pre-map your areas of interest, highlighting discrepancies and variances immediately, based on thermal emission criteria or on reflectivity, which can help you gain invaluable time protecting forests from wild-fires and buildings from smouldering embers. We can help you work to make Emergency Service deployments faster and more efficient, and provide you the means to guarantee the most effective use of the resources at your disposal.

Call us to discuss your needs, we will be happy to show you how you, too, can reduce your deployment costs, at the same time as you improve your response capability, and the ability to get resources in situ faster.