Aerial Surveillance & Thermal Tracking


Thermal Detection and Surveillance

Versadrones provide cost-effective and extremely flexible solutions for Intruder Detection, Night-time Surveillance, Air Surveillance, Gas and Oil Rigs Security, Port & Harbour Security, Airport Security, Border Protection, Coastal Surveillance, Police & Law Enforcement, plus specialised solutions tailored for your application.

Our systems can replicate the same surveillance rounds, just like a patrol, but can also randomise checkpoints, just like your CD player can randomise tunes, greatly improving detection rates.

We can mount gimbal-stabilised zoom cameras covering thermal and visible spectra, and catering for your detection and protection needs.

Versadrones solutions are ideally-suited for missions such as Search and Rescue applications, IRST (InfraRed Search and Track), Tactical Intelligence (“over the hill” or long-range), Law Enforcement, Military and Homeland Security, Control, Damage Assessment, and in addition, we can work with you to define any integrated day and night vision capabilities that are required to meet your needs.

Contact us now, and we will be delighted to work out which Versadrones solution is the best one for you.