Show it from up here!

Whether for creative or business purposes, aerial photographs always make an impression. UAVs provide the cheapest and easiest way to take photos from the air, with the Versadrones UAV providing a stable and reliable platform to take stunning photos from.

Aerial photographs add an amazing perspective for marketing and promotion of property, businesses and events. The Versa X6 hexacopter is the perfect platform for obtaining still images safely and efficiently without the need for hiring expensive and environmentally damaging aircraft. Make and sell the best possible photos, with no need to rent a helicopter or a crane. And much more, with Versadrones you can get to places neither helicopter nor crane can reach! For example, wedding photos taken from a Versadrones system guarantee a fantastic souvenir, and there is no downdraft to disturb headgear and hair, no noise to disturb guests.

And most of all, if you have chosen a MILC or EVIL image capture system, you can switch cameras, lenses and filters according to the type of shot you require. Add UV or colour filters to bring depth or sharpness to your images. Use polarised filters when you want to reduce reflections from glass, remove them when you don’t.

Keep all the flexibility and control you are used to, so you can be sure you get the shots you want, as you want them.

Contact us for more information, we will be delighted to show you how Versadrones can meet your photographic needs in the most cost-effective way, without compromising the professional quality and flexibility that means you can make the best photographs possible, in many different types of weather and lighting conditions.