3D surveying & reporting

Versadrones’ 3D topographical solution is ideal when you need to understand how much volume is held in a stockpile (Mine & Quarry Management), how much volumes have changed over time (Roadworks, Project Management), or find relative heights and positions for features such as archeological traces invisible from the ground (wall remains, post-holes, slight depressions or mounds, pathways, etc.) but you don’t have the time or the budget to send a team out to survey large areas of ground.

Here is how you save money. You go on-site, deploy in minutes and gather data for the whole site within a half-hour. Processing can take place immediately, and full data is available the same morning. You save time and expensive resources, and you get more data, more accurate data, and you get it much faster than by using a ground survey alone.

Whether it is for an archaeological survey that takes place only one time, or a road-works project monitoring survey that takes place weekly, or a yearly survey for finding undeclared dumping, or last-minute flood-risk analysis or topographical survey to complete architectural plans, or an urgent survey to assess construction planning permission, or any other 3D application, the Versadrones solution is breath-taking in its simplicity. You simply overfly the zone of interest using the route planner software supplied, you let the autonomous controller take care of everything regarding taking off, flying and landing, and then transfer the image data to the workstation. The 3D workflow will provide you with a point cloud and polygon rendering of the site surveyed, in a single on-site visit. The time taken to acquire data for the site of a building, or for a larger area up to 20 or 30 hectares, is less than an hour. Processing time varies according to the amount of data to process, but 3D data should be available for presentation and use within two hours.

Call us to discuss your needs, we will be happy to show you how you, too, can reduce your 3D survey costs, at the same time as you improve your data quality and the ability to get data faster.