Services & Training

RPAS Flight Training

Versadrones is a qualified Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and Registered Training Facility (RTF). In Ireland, no flight training can be provided outside of organisations and facilities like those of Versadrones, approved by the Irish Aviation Authority for both private and professional licences. The Versadrones flight training course includes complete sessions on SUA/UAV flight simulators, classroom sessions on flight theory, safety and regulatory considerations, as well as live outdoor flying time on real UAVs. Specialised integrated systems are covered by dedicated training modules which explain the theory and operation of the systems, including flight control and waypoint planning, repetitive flight planning and uploading, multi-operator flight/payload control, data downloads, imagery and data processing, and multipoint Thermal/Video streaming systems.

Any person who wishes to operate a SUA/UAV for commercial purposes must obtain a permission to fly and an aerial work permit from the local aviation authority, for example in Ireland, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), before commencing operations in national airspace. The operation of SUA/UAV in Irish airspace is subject to regulation by the IAA as set out in Aeronautical Notice O.63 and supporting guidance material contained in Operations Advisory Memorandum 02/12 and subsequent regulations.

When you use your SUA/UAV for recreational purposes, you must follow the same rules that are required for the operation of model aircraft as laid out in Rockets and Small Aircraft Order S.I. 25 of 2000. Further information is available from the IAA website.

If you wish use a device for commercial purposes in Ireland, you have to apply to the IAA for 2 commercial permissions: – an Aerial Work Permission (for systems weighing more than a defined minimum weight) and a separate permission to operate a SUA/UAV.

To obtain these permissions you are required to do the following:

  • Attend Ground School Training with an official RTF
  • Pass an Examination with a certified examiner (see
  • Submit an Aerial Works Operations Manual,
  • Submit an Application to IAA (see
  • Submit 3rd Party Liability insurance certificate.

Versadrones can provide guidance and help with these steps, and work with you to make obtaining commercial permissions easy and simple. Contact us for more details.

Versadrones provides complete training services for UAV operation, including training on Versadrones products and on all other brands, professional or hobby. Versadrones is authorised by the Irish Aviation Authority to certify operators for commercial use of UAV devices in accordance with current legislation, and is the only Irish UAV manufacturer authorised to issue RPAS Operator permits (or licences).

Modelisation Services

2D Mapping and 3D Digital Terrain Models
Versadrones provides a 3-D model generation service, creating the 3-D model from the data we collect for you, or from the survey data you have collected yourself on-site.
In the same way, Versadrones can create 2-D ortho-mosaic directly from the images you have acquired from the ground surveys, or alternatively, you can avail of Versadrones’ services to aquire the images as well as to generate the mapping outputs.

Virtual Surveyor
Versadrones can create for you a virtual 3D walk-through modelisation, in addition to regular 3-D modelisation of a space or an area. The virtual survey walk-through creates a virtual place in three dimensions, where your clients can inspect the spaces modelled, as if they were there in person.

Contact us for more information, we will be delighted to help you!

Pro-Active Services

Versadrones Mapping & Modelisation
Our qualified technicians can assemble your images into accurate maps or 3-D models so you can concentrate on your principal activity.
Contact us for further details.

Training services
Our engineers can train your flight masters in all integrated Versadrones systems and operations, at our facilities or on-site if required.
Special developments
For customised adaptations, speak with our development engineers who can make sure your specific needs are taken into account.

Versadrone’s qualified technicians can carry out on your behalf all data acquisition missions, such as for survey imaging and 3-D DSM and DTM model generation, for specialised image acquisition such as hyper-spectral and multi-spectral imaging, for filming video and still photos, and for all other applications.

Technical Services

Warranty & Support
All our parts and materials come with a full EU 12-month replacement warranty. Support contracts can be purchased for an additional 12-month period, which can be extended to 36 months.
Warranty repairs
All defective materials under warranty returned to our factory will be repaired or replaced as required. Warranty excludes exposure to corrosive environments as well as normal wear and tear.
Repair and replacement
All our parts and materials including batteries can be repaired or replaced for a fee upon return to our factory. RMA numbers must be issued prior to accepting any return.