COMING SOON - The all-new Versadrones Patrol H4 New Technology

The Patrol is the smallest UAV from Versadrones, with a design allowing it to be deployed rapidly. The combination of small dimensions and high performance make it ideal for use by emergency services or in crisis management.

Contact our dedicated sales team to look at the best configuration for your needs. Prices start at around €8200, depending on options.

Need a drone that can fly itself? With map based waypointing, autonomous operation can make it a reality. Simply create a route, and the drone will follow it.

With on-board sensors and high-tech GPS assist, the drone is safe and easy to fly, capable of holding position or altitude automatically.

With any UAS, safety is paramount. With the fail-safe system, the drone will simply return to the starting location and land in the event of signal loss.

540 x 470 x 210 (Flight ready)
395 x 160 x 70 (For transport)

Weight: 1500g (RTF, excluding camera/gimbal)

Payload capacity: 350g – GoPro, Sony QX100 etc

Cruising speed: 70km/h (44mph)

Maximum altitude: 2000m (6500ft)

Max climb rate: 6 m/s