Heavy Lift Octocopter


The Versadrones HLO, or heavy lift octocopter, is the largest of the Versadrones fleet and has the highest high payload capacity of 12kg – which can even be extended!

This enables it to carry most new generation 4k cinema camera. We have equipped it with a heavy-duty 3 axis gimbal, allowing one operator to control the camera whilst another flies the drone. With the sophisticated brushless gimbal and stable platform of the octocopter, smooth video shots and flowing movement are easy, without use of liquid petrol or gasoline, without helicopter downdraft destroying sets, and without risk to people or property, and without hiring a flight crew and an expensive helicopter. Rushes can be viewed as soon as the HLO is landed, and if a new take is needed, just do take two!

Battery switching is done in seconds, when required.

Active Independent Gimbal


  • High performance octocopter
  • 2 operator control as standard
  • Multiple high capacity Lithium Polymer battery packs give long flight times
  • Assembled by hand to ensure each custom built UAV has complete reliability
  • Airframe made from carbon fibre for a lightweight, strong, rigid structure
  • Arms can easily be removed to minimise packed size and make transportation easier
  • Payloads of up to 12kg can be carried, including cameras such as the RED Scarlet, Canon EOS-1D C, and Sony FS700R
  • 8 brushless motors and carbon fibre 15” rotors for maximum performance
  • 3 axis brushless gimbal with independent control
  • Live streaming of HD video
  • GPS assisted flight with altitude hold, position hold and waypointing available
  • Semi-automatic take-off and landing, and return to base failsafe

Contact our dedicated sales team to look at the best configuration for your needs. Prices start at around €14900, depending on options.


Fully autonomous system with waypointing capabilities

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)
– 1200 x 1200 x 400 (Flight ready)

– 4000g (RTF, excluding camera/gimbal)

Payload capacity
– 12000g – RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Blackmagic 4k, Canon 1DC etc

Cruising speed
– 70km/h (44mph)

Maximum altitude
– 2000m (6500ft)

Max climb rate
– 6 m/s