Can I fly in the wind and rain?

The Versa X6 is resistant to very light rain but we would not recommend flying in the rain for long periods as the conditions are unlikely to be ideal for aerial photography or video anyway.
The Versa X6 has been flown in winds up to 12 metres per second but we don’t recommend that anyone but the most experienced pilot flies in winds over 8 metres per second.

Do you ship to my country?

We have supplied copters all over the world so, yes, we can ship to all countries, in the absence of official trading restrictions.

What if I crash it?

Each individual Versadrones quadricopter, hexacopter or octocopter is tested before dispatch to ensure it flies correctly. If regularly maintained and flown properly under the correct weather conditions, you are unlikely to have any problems and should only encounter normal wear and tear. Batteries show no charge loss or limitations until after more than 200-300 cycles. In the event of an accident systems can be sent back to Versadrones where we will be happy to quote for a refurbishment or repairs. Before purchasing specific parts from us to carry out your own repairs, please consult our support technicians.

Do I need training to fly a Versa X6?

Flying any radio-contolled equipment takes training and practice. Versadrones systems have a lot of built in assistance to make flying easier but there is still a lot to learn so we strongly recommend training. Furthermore, national regulations generally oblige you to obtain flight certification through an Authorised Training Organisation such as Versadrones.

Versadrones can provide training in the UK and Ireland.
Versadrones is authorised by the Irish Aviation Authority to provide training and recommendations for permissions for aerial work in the Republic of Ireland.
UK-based training through our UK partner HexCam can feed into the RPQ-s or BNUC-s qualifications required by the UK CAA. We can also arrange training at your location on request.

How far can the Versa X6 fly?

The Versa X6 can fly for over 30km on a single charge, but operators are expected to keep the machine to within 500m of their position at all times.
Country-specific legislation may vary, but the EU-wide directive includes visual line-of-sight, and a 500m radius. This gives a circle a full kilometre in diameter that can be flown in without restriction, or in other words, about 785398 square metres, that is to say, 78.5 Ha or 188 acres.
This will normally fall well within the capabilities of the Versadrones range, giving extra safety. We recommend that you adhere to visual line of sight (VLOS) rules so that you can see the copter at all times enabling you to respond to airspace changes.
Waypointing and FPV flight beyond line of sight (BLOS) is possible, but you must adhere to the regulations in your country. During waypointed and FPV flight, distance is limited only by flight time.

How high can the Versa X6 fly?

The Versa X6 has been tested up to 2000 metres. However, most countries have legislation to control how high unmanned aerial systems can fly. As a result, you need to check with the Civil Aviation Authority in your country to find out what the legislation is. We can help you to meet the Irish Aviation Authority and UK Civil Aviation Authority UAS legislation.

How long do Versadrones copters fly for?

Flight time varies according to several factors; the weight of the copter, payload, weather conditions, altitude, motor specification, etc. As a result flight times vary from about 8 minutes up to more than 30 minutes. The key thing is, any flight times we discuss are in working conditions, not low level laboratory tests. We are continually sourcing new motor, propeller and battery technology to improve flight times, which is why specs change quite regularly. You will always get the best we can give at your budget. Batteries are easy to change, so you can land and be back in the air within a minute if necessary.

Are all your products on your website?

At Versadrones, we try to keep our range fairly narrow so that we can offer the best prices and reasonable build times. However, we can build almost any type of multirotor so if you have a specific request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I contact versadrones ?

Just click on the contact us page, click here or call