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Versadrones began in 2011, with the first generation of the Versa X6. The current systems have been developed, refined and tested, and integrate the finest control systems expertise and airframe design available. We make complex high-tech systems incorporating data acquisition and transmission systems, flight control systems and actuator technologies, airborne control and power systems, composite materials engineering designed and built thanks to our in-house 3D CNC tooling.

Versadrones makes UAV systems that can acquire situational visual information or accurate survey information throughout a wide range of atmospheric and deployment conditions, and provides training services and flight certification to operators, as well as data acquisition services to users.

Our market is comprised of professional service providers ranging from surveyors to architects, local authorities, civil defense, real estate and video producers.

Today, Versadrones produces a range of UAVs for the professional market, capable of carrying sensors of all kinds in a wide variety of applications.

Versadrones is the only UAV supplier in Ireland authorised to provide IAA flight certification, and one of only 4 flight schools in Ireland.

Versadrones products are customised, adding value to customers’ services and allowing them to address individual and specific business needs, providing more profitable or cost-effective services to their own customers in turn.

We ensure constant development and refinement coupled with the highest standards of quality, so every system is guaranteed to be the perfect choice for your business.

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