Multi-Rotor Drone (Multirotor UAV) Solutions

Drones in Ireland
Versadrones designs and manufactures Quadcopter, Hexacopter and Octacopter drones. We make multirotor small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, or SUA) in Ireland using carbon-fibre and other composite materials assembled in our own in-house vacuum moulding plant and crafted on our own CNC drone milling stations. We supply drone solutions for professional user applications in Mapping, Cartography and Survey, Search and Rescue, Accident Monitoring, Terrain Mapping, Precision Agriculture and Forestry including NDVI measurements, 3D and 2D Digital Surface Model, Industrial Inspection, Airborne HD Video, Cinematography, and 16MP-20MP Photography, Surveillance and Monitoring, Radio-Telephony Mast inspection for network roll-out and estates management, as well as Thermal measurement and Heat Detection. Our Emergency and Public Order systems generate specific survey contour maps for emergency services as a preventative measure for the safety of emergency personnel through the use of 3-D photogrammetry image processing software, and includes Live Feed including visual optical feed and thermal heat-detection feed to multiple viewing and relay stations.

SUA/UAV Training
Versadrones also provides SUA/UAV Drone Flight Training courses and is a certified training centre (RTF or Registered Training Facility) providing certification to SUA/UAV pilots, a permit to obtaining their Aerial Works Permission and individual SUA/UAV Flight Certificate (SUA/UAV Pilot Licence) issued by the Irish Aviation Authority. The operation of SUA/UAV in Irish airspace is subject to regulation by the IAA as set out in Aeronautical Notice O.63 and supporting guidance material contained in Operations Advisory Memorandum 02/12 and subsequent regulations. SUA/UAV for recreational purposes follow the same rules as model aircraft as per the Rockets and Small Aircraft Order S.I. 25 of 2000. Further information is available from the IAA website.

Search and Rescue using Drone in Coast Guard rescue - injured cliff walker

Surveying, 3D Surveying and Reporting

Industrial Inspection and Monitoring, Site and Land Mapping

Precision Agriculture & Forestry, Crisis & Situational Awareness

Police Evidence capture and reporting, Emergency Services

Aerial Surveillance and Thermal Tracking, Search and Rescue

Stabilised 4K cinema airborne platform, Aerial Photography


Versadrones’ dedicated LIDAR UAV carries Laser-ranging LIDAR survey devices so you can generate point-clouds to millimetric accuracy, allowing accurate detection of ground levels even through vegetation and trees. Nothing comes close in parametering architectural projects to this level of measurement resolution. Contact us for more details.

Using Versadrones LIDAR system, you can measure road surface quality and morphology by the kilometer, in a single pass. In a single day, you can acquire data for full stretches, that would previously have taken a week to survey. Acquire more data, better data, faster than before, and with less resources. Now that is how to save money! Contact us for more details on our dedicated Lidar range of UAV systems.

Thermal Imaging
Versadrones has a full spectrum of thermal acquisition devices, ranging from security monitors to focused search systems and differential radiated energy monitors. These systems can help you save money, by allowing you to capture data that otherwise could not have been collected in one pass, or simply not be collected at all. Contact us for more details on our dedicated thermal imaging and heat detection systems.

pix4d-small-logo Pix4Dmapper
Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. This software converts your images into highly precise, customizable and timely results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications.

Virtual Surveyor
This is a software extension which allows your 3D imagery to come to life, allowing you to create animated walk-throughs and fly-bys, just as if you and your customers were right there in the middle of the 3D scene.